5 Reasons Why Your Mum Shouldn’t Make Your Wedding Cake

wedding cake

When a bride or groom tells me they don’t need a wedding cake as ‘Mum has always wanted to make my wedding cake’ I will be honest and say I die a little inside!

I know I’m biased but to me the wedding cake is one of the most important aspects of your day. It is the main focal point of your first ‘role’ as a married couple; the cake cutting is the most photographed part of your day so why risk anything less than perfection?? In our experience having a family member do a professional’s job never works out (unless of course they ARE a professional).

Here are our top 5 reasons why your Mum shouldn’t make your wedding cake.

1) Your Mum is not a professional and may have never made a wedding cake before. She may bake a nice sponge but this isn’t a charity bake sale, this is the best and most important day of your life. The last thing you want to do is look back on the photos and regret your decisions because the cake was wonky.

2) As much as your Mum may want to make the cake she is also part of the bridal party. She will want to enjoy both the wedding and the build up. Making a wedding cake is a time consuming endeavour. Depending on the design it can take many hours of work in the week leading up to the wedding to finish the job. You don’t want your mum to be resentful on missing out on spending time with cherished friends and family because she’s in the kitchen working.

3) Cake making is stressful; even to someone who finds regular baking relaxing. The pressure to create the perfect wedding cake can prove too much. I have lost count of how many emails and phone calls I receive asking for help because Mum has had a change a heart with less than a month until the wedding.

4) Your Mum won’t have all the professional equipment that a professional will. Yes she may a rolling pin and a piping nozzle but will she have the correct equipment to recreate that 6 tier design that you fell in love with on Pinterest? Will she have insurance in case the worst happens and it all goes wrong.

5) You can’t sack your Mum! What if you’re not 100% happy with the cake design your Mum has chosen to make or you’re not happy with the end result? Are you going to tell her it’s not what you wanted. It’s not worth straining your relationship over.

 Have our top 5 reasons why your Mum shouldn’t make your wedding cake got you thinking?

So let me know your thoughts… are you a bride who had a friend or family member make your wedding cake? Were they good or bad and would you make the same decision again? Are you a wedding cake maker who has experience of this? Are you currently planning your wedding and struggling with budget and considering ditching your cake maker?

Tell me your thoughts. I am dying to hear your stories!