The Media VS The Wedding Industry

As wedding season gets underway it’s time for a flurry of articles appear in the media about weddings being expensive and how you  can achieve your wedding for a budget of just £1000.

One such article appeared in the Daily Mail this weekend. I think it’s time for the wedding industry to fight back.

Is there a place for these budget options in the market place?  Yes of course but the media does not need to undervalue the wedding industry in the process.

By all means buy your wedding dress from Dorothy Perkins. They are beautiful options for a budget conscious bride but it is one of a wide range of options. When you buy your wedding dress from Dorothy Perkins, ASOS or other high street stores you will not receive the same bridal experience you get at a specialist bridal store. The dress will not be of the same quality or have the same standard of workmanship. By reducing the cost, you are reducing the level of service you receive.

Alessandra Dress – £150

When you buy a cake from M&S or Tesco it will not look like that gorgeous bespoke wedding cake you saw on Pintrest. It won’t be as deep so you won’t be getting as much cake, the boards won’t be iced or ribboned, the cake will be poorly finished with lumps and bumps, it will be trimmed with ribbon which technically isn’t food safe AND you have to pay extra for the dowels and stack it yourself. This is something cake makers have experience in so the cakes aren’t wonky, unstable and collapse. Again when you pay less you are getting less.

The Media vs The Wedding Industry

M&S £54 Wedding Cake


Bespoke Wedding Cake – Definitely not £54!

Budget vs Bespoke

Another Daily Mail article focused solely on wedding flowers! To quote from the article –

“It’s why one bride-to-be who didn’t want to splash an inordinate amount on flowers for her big day decided to purchase all of them from Lidl, at a total cost of £149.50……. But with top florists quoting an ‘extortionate amount’ of £1,200, Lucy wasn’t able to justify paying for both a photographer and the flowers she wanted”

Who is the journalist at the daily mail to deem what is an extortionate amount to spend on flowers? What exactly is the quote made up from – I’ll hazard a guess that is wasn’t just a bridal bouquet, but probably also included bridesmaids bouquets, button holes and table decorations. And then how many bridesmaids, how many tables, what kind of flowers?? All these factors need to be taken into account.

The bride in question spent a total of £149.50 in Lidl buying her flowers and that is absolutely fine. If that is what she wants to spend who are we to judge – at the same time if a bride wants to spend £1200 on flowers they shouldn’t be judged either.

But the question the paper asked was ‘Can you spot the £10 wedding bouquet’ – the answer is – YES! Its the one filled with mainly gypsophilla and only a few flowers. Again it comes down to you get what you pay for. If you want gorgeous sweet avalanche roses and hydrangeas then it will come at a price. Your flowers from a florist will be of a much higher quality and will be properly cared for to ensure they don’t wilt during the day.

Can you spot the £10 bouquet?

Is budget bad?

No, of course budget isn’t bad. Every wedding is as unique and individual as the bride herself. Every bride has a different budget. There is no one size fits all.

If you want to budget that’s great. There are so many great options out there but when you reduce the cost there will ultimately be something you’re not getting – be that quality, service or experience.

Highstreet stores should be an option ALONGSIDE genuine wedding suppliers. Not the only option as the media would seem to prefer.

There is this terrible misconception that the minute you say the word wedding the wedding industry put their prices up. This is NOT TRUE. The reason things seem expensive is because of the service you are paying for. Wedding Suppliers have many many years of experience and have spent time and money learning their craft. You also need to take things like insurances etc into consideration. Think of it this way – you wouldn’t go into Prada and expect to pay Primark prices!

At the end of the day many wedding suppliers are self employed hardworking small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of the British economy. It’s time that the media start showing these companies some support instead of bashing them every chance they get.

And remember – when you buy from a small business you’re paying for a young daughter to have dance lessons, a son’s football kit. You’re not paying for a CEO’s second holiday home!!

UPDATE – Following today’s article in the Sunday Times we would like to advise couples take caution when buying products from social media selling sites. After spending last year advising couples that wedding professionals are overpriced and they can do their wedding much cheaper stories are now starting to be published about people being scammed by cheap ‘wedding suppliers’. If you are buying products from a social media selling site do as much research as you can. See if they have a Facebook page or a website. Of course not everyone selling on Facebook is a scammer BUT remember is something seems to good to be true it usually is.