Why 100% edible?

Over the weekend competitors and visitors at Cake International in Birmingham have be embroiled in what we’re going to call ‘ribbon gate’.

A change in the rules this year saw, for the first time, the use of ribbon on wedding cakes banned from the competition. Obviously this was overlooked my a large number of competitors so instead of disqualifying the entries they were marked down a grade instead (gold to silver, silver to bronze etc).

Over the last 10 years our high standards and luxury products have created a brand and reputation that is recommended by some of the finest luxury venues and providers both locally and nationally.  We are extremely proud of the brand we have created and the dedication to the art of sugar craft we have shown.

Taking all our experience and skills from the last 10 years we are excited to reveal that #projectcake is our first exclusive wedding cake collection as La Belle Cake Company. We believe this is a collection that will raise the standard of cake design and concurrently raise the expectation of brides and grooms in terms of both the quality and choice they deserve and expect.

The idea for #projectcake came about as over the years, via the explosion of social media, we have seen more and more wedding cakes consisting of little more than an iced cake with a bit of ribbon around the base. Add a couple of flowers for decoration and this has almost seemed to become accepted as the norm. It’s worth remembering that UK Environmental Health advises against garnishing cakes with anything that is not an approved food product unless you can ensure that it is free from microbial, chemical or physical contamination.

Now don’t get us wrong, we understand that these cakes will appeal to some but when employing the services of a professional cake maker, and paying the accompanying costs, we believe that the client deserves more.

Brides should be looking for knowledge, specialism and most of all, passion.

We are passionate about what we do, the service we offer our clients and most of all passionate about the art of sugar craft; creating cakes using time-honoured skills alongside innovative techniques. This is why each and every design in the #projectcake collection is 100% edible and completely handmade.

The official pictures by Esme Robinson are coming soon but as a treat here’s a little sneak peek of #projectcake courtesy of Ultimate Visuals – enjoy!