How to display your wedding cake

You’ve spent months planning the wedding and choosing the perfect cake for your big day. Your wedding cake is as much a part of the decor as the flowers so it’s important to think about the overall presentation.

Here are our top tips to getting the best visual presentation for your cake –

  1. Get a cake table that fits! It’s important that your cake table is in proportion to your wedding cake. You don’t want your wedding cake displayed on a standard sized dinner table as this will just dwarf your cake. Most venues have a smaller table specifically for this purpose.


Display your wedding cake

2. Make sure the wedding cake is located in an area with great lightening. There is no point having a cake if people can’t see it. The cake is one of the most photographed elements of the wedding.

3. Location, location, location – Think about the backdrop. When you are photographed cutting the wedding cake you don’t want exit or toilet signs in the background.

Display your wedding cake

4. Don’t place a white wedding cake directly onto a white table cloth else the cake will get lost. Cake stands are great for pulling focus back to the cake and they also add great height and stature to the cake. Another idea that has been hugely popular this season is to display the wedding cake in an apple crate.

Autumn Inspired Wedding Cakes

5. Think about where the cake cutting ceremony is to take place? If you have a more elaborate cake design it will be virtually impossible to move the cake so ensure your cake is set up where you intend to have the photos taken.

Display your wedding cake

6. Keep it simple – use your cake table only for your wedding cake. Dress simply with a few candles or scatter some rose petals around the table for maximum effect.

Display your wedding cake

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