Transporting your celebration cake

At La Belle, we spend a lot of time making sure your cake is perfect. We want to make sure that you get it home in the same condition.

All our cakes come fully boxed with lids. If the cake is taller than the cake box that’s not a problem either. We adapt the cake box. Once you have seen the cake we wrap the box with clingfilm to protect it from the elements. Not only does it need protecting from rain etc but who wants to cross a main road with an uncovered cake – yuck.


Here are our other top tips for getting your cakes home –

  1. When carrying your cake it is important that the cake is kept flat. Avoid tipping the box back towards your chest as this leads to dents in the cake and can also break details such as models and such flowers.
  2. There are two good places in the car for your cake. The footwell of the passenger seat or the boot. This is because they are both flat surfaces.
  3. Ensure you have room in your car before collecting the cake as this makes collection so much easier and avoids damage to the cake. This way you are not holding a cake with one hand and trying to clear space with the other. (And you don’t want to be putting your cake on the floor)
  4. When transporting your celebration cake do not put the cake on the back seat of the car. The reason for this is that the seats aren’t flat and the cake will tip backwards. If this is the only option level the seat with a jacket or blanket. It’s also worth putting a seatbelt around the cake.
  5. When you get the cake home keep the cake at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Do not put the cake in the fridge as this will make the icing sweat.
  6. Last but not least – ENJOY!!!