Floral Wedding Cakes

There is nothing that says wedding more than floral wedding cakes. Flowers and wedding cakes go together like crackers and cheese or Ant & Dec. They are the perfect match. Beautiful blooms add vibrancy to a simple cake but the real beauty is different flowers give the cakes very different looks. Whether it’s rustic or modern, classic or unique, there is a floral wedding cake for every theme.

This blog takes a look at the various styles of floral wedding cakes we have created previously.

Cascade of flowers

A cascade of sugar flowers be it a full cascade or a spattering of petals always looks stunning on a wedding cake. Keep the tiers plain or add some piped detailing in the same colour as the icing to bring a little extra design and texture to the cake.

Weddings at Pendley Manor Floral Wedding Cakes  Weddings At Waddesdon Floral Wedding cakes Floral Wedding Cakes Bedfordshire

Image credit: Pho2u! (left) Ian Waldron (right)

Blocked with flowers

Cakes blocked with flowers always look impressive and add extra height to the cake. This effect can be achieved using fresh, sugar and even silk flowers each giving a different look to the cake.

Floral Wedding Cakes  Floral Wedding Cakes Bedfordshire Wedding Cakes Bedford

Left: Fresh Flowers. Centre: Silk Flowers. Right: Sugar Flowers

Image credits: Esme Robinson (left) Ian Waldron (centre)

Floral Cake Stand

In the words of Bon Jovi – ‘I want to lay you down in a bed of roses’, a ‘cake stand’ made with a bed of flowers is a wonderful way of bringing floral detail to your wedding cake.

Weddings at Offley Place Wedding Cakes Bedford

Image credits : Wild Orchid (left – flowers and image) Gareth Millar (right – image) Flower Bar Ltd (right – flowers)

Floral Accents

Adding individual flowers or a small posy of flowers to each or every other tier is a great way to bring colour onto a cake. The key with this design is to create a balance of shape, size and colour. You don’t want to draw the eye to just one part of the cake – evenly spreading the flowers will create a visual balance.

Wedding Cakes Bedford IMG_3611 Becky Kerr 1920 Wedding Cakes Bedford

Image Credit : Becky Kerr Photography (centre)

And finally – this blog about floral wedding cakes would not be complete with our sharing the

Bouquet cake

Unique and exclusive to La Belle Cake Company, The Bouquet Cake features a food safe tube down the centre of the cake allowing the bride to insert her bouquet into the cake when she has finished with her photos. The bouquet then becomes a beautiful cake topper.

The Bouquet cake was designed for brides looking for something unique for their special day. The construction of the cake allows the bride to still have her wedding cake decorated in any style or design of her choosing.

Bouquet cake  Bouquet Cake   Bouquet Cake Wedding cakes Bedford

Image Credits: Pho2u! (left & centre) Blossomking (Bouquet left & centre)

Gareth Millar (right) Greycourt Florists (Bouquet right)

Additional Advice on using fresh flowers

Fresh flowers do look beautiful on wedding cakes but it is worth always considering the following:

Not all fresh flowers are safe for cake decoration. Whilst not all flowers are designed to be eaten, some flowers are toxic so always consult with your florist if you are considering using fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers should never ever be inserted directly into the cake. A posy pick should always be used to form a protective barrier between the stem and the cake.

If using non edible flowers, make the venue aware and always ensure the flowers are removed before the cake is served to your guests.