Award Winning Cakes – What does it mean?

At La Belle Cake Company  we won our first award for our back in 2008 and started using the tagline – International Award Winning cakes. Since then we have noticed many companies advertising award winning cakes yet only a select few have actually won awards based on their cakes and their sugar craft skills.

To help you through the minefield and sort the true award winning cakes from the rest we thought we’d give you a little guide to some of the most popular industry awards, the awards we have won and what they actually mean.

FSB Business Awards – We have won two FSB awards – one for business person of the year and one for Enterprising business of the year. As a company we are very proud of these awards. You answer a number of questions about your business, your achievements and your business plan and this is reviewed by a panel of judges. It is a wonderful accolade to have BUT it is based on my business NOT my cake skills. This award makes me an award winning business – it does not mean I make award winning cakes.

Wedding Industry Expert Awards –  This is an international award run annually and we are fortunate enough to have won the title of Best Wedding Cake Designer in Bedfordshire for the last two years. It is an award that has divided opinion in the wedding industry. To enter you fill in your details on line and ask your clients, family, Facebook fans, twitter followers etc to vote for you. It is fundamentally a popularity contest and companies that have only been trading for two months have been known to win awards. Again it’s a great award to have that we are very proud of but it is our company being voted for – the actually quality of our cakes, skills and workmanship have not been judged.

The Wedding Industry Awards – This is one of the more respected and structured wedding awards. As a company you can enter yourself and/or be nominated by a previous client. The only people allowed to vote in these awards are the clients of the last twelve months. The feedback left by the brides and grooms is then evaluated by highly respected wedding professionals and regional and national winners are selected making the winner an award wining company but again it’s not the actual cake that has been judged.

Ideal Home Professional Cake Decorator Award – We are very proud of this award which we won back in 2012. We were personally invited back in 2012 along with 9 other professional cake makers to design a cake for the Queen’s jubilee. These cakes were then put on display at the Ideal home Show and judged by a panel of judges including the fabulous Mary Berry. We were delighted she selected our cake as the winning entry and gave us great feedback on our skills including our piping. Since then this award is now voted for by the general public attending the show but its still great that they are voting on some truly inspirational cake designs.

Cake International/Salon Culinaire – Now we get onto the real cake awards! We have won many awards at Cakes International (as has mini Shelly too). To enter cakes international you have to  design and make a cake, decorate a cake using a variety of skills and take the cake to the exhibition to be judged. That cake is then scrutinised by a panel of very talented judges who then award the cakes Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. An actual cake has been judged and has been awarded an actual award. In our opinion this is what means you make award winning cakes. This is where the individuals cake, skills and talent have been put under the microscope.

There are many more awards I could mention. Every single award a company wins is an achievement in it’s own right and the reciepients should be very proud, and rightly so.

As a consumer just be aware that if a company is advertising award winning cakes, make sure you are actually buying an award winning product.

Got a question about the awards we have won? Want to query an award you have seen elsewhere? That’s ok! We like questions. Send it over to us in an email to

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Michelle x