The history of wedding favours

Wedding favours have become a regular feature at weddings but did you know the tradition originated in France?

Originally called a Bonbonierre it is believed that the tradition originated in the 16th century amongst French Aristocracy when a small gift was given to guests at weddings. This would usually be a small box containing sweet treats or sugared almonds. This was at a time when sugar was expensive and highly valued by all.

In many societies the bride and groom are associated with good luck, so a popular thought was that everything they touched would be blessed. By gifting wedding guests, they would then be passing that luck onto others.

Today it is still considered appropriate to send your guests home with a small gift. It is actually believed to be bad manners if you do not give your guests some kind of wedding favour.

Wedding favours for guests are designed to be a small token of appreciation for attending the wedding. Whilst sugared almonds are not as popular with brides now a days why not carry on the tradition of giving sugar with our personalised sugar cookies.

In a variety of shapes and styles these cookies are as individual as you and your wedding.

They can be personalised making them perfect place settings giving theme a dual purpose and eliminating the need for place cards.

History of wedding favours

Opt for miniture replicas of your wedding cake

 Wedding Favours Wedding favours

Brush embroidery is a sophisticated decoration adding style and grace. As is beautiful pipe work. Take details from your wedding dress or invitations.

They also work great without icing giving them a fabulously rustic feel.

Whatever your style or theme there is a cookie favour to match and we are available to distribute these nationwide.

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